Our Founder/Chairman
LL.B (Hons), B.L, LL.M, M.I.T (Info-Tech), CBP (Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional) DEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst) CCI (Certified Cyber Crime Investigator), CFP (Certified Cyber Forensic Professional).
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13b Gilbert Odior St. Thomas Estate
Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria
+234-816-290-7894 Direct.
Email: emekaarinze@lawdt.com
Area of Expertise
  Biometrics & Surveillance
  Digital Evidence Analysis
  Cyber Security
  Cyber Crime Investigation
  Cyber/Digital Crime Prosecution
  Due Diligence on Electronic Governance
  Cert. Biometric & Surveillance Professional
  CFP (Certified Cyber Forensic Professional)
  CCI (Certified Cyber Crime Investigator)
  DEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst)
  LL.B (Hons) 1982 University of Lagos
  LL.M 1999of University of Lagos
  M.I.T (Info-Tech) University of Lagos
  Cyber Crime & National Security - NACETEM
  Digital Evidence, MIS Training Institute London
  Internet & The Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Arinze, Joseph Chukwuemeka Founder/Chairman
Joseph Chukwuemeka Arinze is the Founder & Chairman of Lawdata Communication Solutions Ltd. a specific- purpose built technology company with the sole aim of delivering e-Solutions to law firms in Nigeria.

He is the Senior Partner in WhiteHall Attorneys and Solicitors, (technology consortium, forensics & eDiscovery advisors) based in Lagos. He is currently the Director of Digital Evidence and Cyber Forensic Institute Nigeria. He is the founder & Chairman of Lake Val, a Biometrics & Surveillance Consulting consortium.

He focuses on rendering consultancy services/advice to government, its agencies, parastatals and law firms  on the following expertise; Biometrics & Surveillance, Digital Evidence Analysis, Cyber Security, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber/Digital Crime Prosecution, Due Diligence on Electronic Governance .
Education & Certifications
  • Nigeria
  • London
  • South Africa
  • India
  • LL.B (Hons) 1982 University of Lagos
  • B.L . Called to Nigerian Bar in July 1983
Post Graduate
  • Masters degree in law (LL.M) of the University of Lagos, 1999
  • Masters degree in Information Technology (M.I.T) of the University of Lagos, with emphasis on Digital Forensic Technology
  • Certificate in Cyber Crime & National Security, awarded by NACETEM, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 2006.
Certificate in Digital Evidence, MIS Training Institute, (London) 2008
In 2008, he attended a training workshop/conference in London in Digital Evidence organised by MIS London and was awarded a Certificate in Digital Evidence upon successful completion of the program
Certificate on Internet & The Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa 2010
Arinze has undergone a course of study on Internet & The Law at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and awarded a certificate upon completion by the University of Cape Town, South Africa in October 2010 on Internet & The Law.
1. Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional (India)
Emeka Arinze is a Certified Biometric & Surveillance Professional. He was certified by an Indian Academy (INCEPT) as a Biometric and surveillance Professional. The training and certification have the support and approval of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, NSDC, KIIT University and L & T, India.
2. Certifications in Digital Forensics by Asian School of Cyber Law, India & Data Techno Solutions Pvt, India
Emeka Arinze, after a successful completion of a course of study on specific arrears Digital Forensics conducted by Asian School of CyberLaw, Mumbai India and after successfully completing the examination administered by Asian School of CyberLaw Data Techno Solutions Pvt, India and having obtained an aggregate score of 73% was duly certified in April 2013 as follows;
  • CFP (Certified Cyber Forensic Professional)
  • CCI (Certified Cyber Crime Investigator)
  • DEA (Certified Digital Evidence Analyst)
Consequent upon these certification, Emeka Arinze was inducted into the prestigious Asian Network of Professionals and Association of Digital forensic Investigators
Speaking Engagement / International Conference
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • London, India & Ghana
  • Future Engagement
The Digital Bridge Institute Abuja.
Emeka Arinze was a discussant on Digital Forensics at a workshop organized by The Digital Bridge Institute Abuja in collaboration with the George Mason University USA on the Implementation of Computer Emergency Readiness Teams (CERTs) in Africa on cyber security and related global issues and focused specifically on the implementation strategies for CERTs in Africa, 2010.
His paper at the workshop is titled Digital Forensics & Critical Incident Readiness.
Nigeria Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Lagos.
Emeka Arinze has been a regular trainer/speaker at the Nigeria Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Lagos in its organised training program on Digital Forensic Advocacy spanning three years. Amongst the papers presented are;
  • Digital forensic Investigation
  • Private Investigators and Digital Examiners and
  • Overview of Forensic Advocacy.
Law and Technology Conference (with specific reference to the Electronic Transaction Act 2003) organised by Lex Informtica in South Africa in 2009.
Arising from his participation and contribution in the analyses of the South African Electronic Transaction Act 2003, in the conference organised by Lex Informtica in South Africa in 2009, with reference to the proper interpretation of the meaning of possession of electro-content contrabands as envisaged by the Act, Emeka Arinze was in October 2010, specifically invited by Barend Burgers Attorneys, organisers of the South Africa’s 4th Annual Cyber Law Conference, where he delivered a paper titled;
“Technical Issues in the Admissibility of Digital Evidence in Course of trial”.
International Conference on Digital Evidence held in London 2008.
In Ghana’s first ICT Business out Sourcing Conference in 2009, Emeka Arinze led discussions on techno-legal compliance on ICT business out sourcing.
Participated in the Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership March 2010 New Delhi India.
Participated in Cloud Computing Technology conference held at NIMAS Convention Center, Bangalore, India in May 2012.
Emeka Arinze was earlier scheduled for a course by Guidance Software Inc . USA for its eDiscovery & Cyber Security software at Slough UK in 2013, but was rescheduled to hold in Las Vegas USA in April 2014. The training is product specific as highlighted bellow:
  • EnCase® v7 Computer Forensics 1 course
  • Encase v7 Computer Forensics II course
  • Encase Advanced Course
Emeka Arinze is also invited as International delegate to attend Guidance Software Inc. conference tagged Computer Enterprise Investigative Conference (CEIC) to be held at the Caesars Palace, Las Vegas USA from the 19th to 22nd May 2014.
Guidance Software, Inc. is a proud host of CEIC 2014, one of the largest international gatherings of legal, corporate, law enforcement and government attendees in the world, with a focus on the latest developments in digital investigations