LawBrieff® web-based, purpose-built law practice management suit is specifically designed for legal firms of all sizes needing mobility and speed. It is (as a cloud based system) securely accessible from any location with internet access. Your office is now where ever you want it.
Cloud Based
LawBrieff is a product of many years of research by LakeVal in collaboration with WhiteHall Solicitors & LawData Communications Solutions Ltd dedicated to creating a file/record management and client collaboration system delivered in the cloud. In consequence we have developed an innovative and user-friendly web-based system for legal practitioners and law firms of all sizes to more efficiently communicate with clients and manage and store files in a paperless environment.
Bank Grade Security
We recognise the concerns that some people have about sending personal information over the Internet and operate enhanced security measures. Our 256-bit SSL transmission encryption ensures the safety of your law firm's data-in-transit. It also ensures that communications and data transmissions between firm & clients are secured.
Client Portal
With LawBrieff your clients have access to their case files, documents related to their cases and are able to communicate securely with your firm via its special mailing program. The LawBrieff client portal presents to your clients the Document Manager, Billing, Mail, and Case File. All these functions help you communicate with your clients efficiently.
Management Tools
LawBrieff offers a variety of tools for efficiently managing your practise. They include counsel/personnel manager, document manager, billing, work & research, mailing & statistical charts. With these tools you can anywhere, anytime.