Legal Document Scanning & Imaging
Are you or your law firm cabinet centric? Still keeping case files and other legal documents in bulky file cabinets? It's time to change into the digital age. Get in the way of digitization.
On-site Scanning
While we operate very secure scanning facilities and provide our clients with constant access to their documents while in our possession, some clients have requirements that necessitate we scan their documents at their facilities. For this reason, we have structured on on-site document scanning service to be as affordable as possible for our clients. On-site scanning services are designed to fit your security and logistics requirements.
By converting your files/legal documents into the digital mode, you can:
  Eliminate the need to carry important documents all the time.
  Gather all your documents in one central electronic repository.
  Access your documents anytime and anywhere.
  Access old case files with ease.
  Easily keep track of revisions to your documents.
  Improve efficiency and information management.
  Respond more quickly to your clients’ needs.
  Preserve all vital files having been backed up digitally.
Lawdata is truly concerned about giving smart and practical document scanning services. That is why, before we even start scanning your documents, we will help you determine which documents make sense to digitize and which ones do not.