Virtual Onsite Support
All too often technology users have experienced the frustration of being led through an inefficient phone-based support session that only succeeds in wasting valuable time. For an organization to be successful, it has to keep employees productive, critical systems operational and customers satisfied at all times.

LawData utilises its well-crafted tool - FirmASSist® to provide remote Help Desk Support. FirmASSist® enables front-line support professionals to own the issue from start to finish. With a suite of integrated service delivery tools, FirmASSist® makes it easy for representatives to quickly and efficiently install applications or troubleshoot technical issues and deliver a memorable customer experience every time.

Service managers can monitor the quality of support delivered through FirmASSist® with the ability to view live remote support sessions as they are in progress. In addition, managers can easily access session recordings, chat logs, diagnostic data and customer feedback through the online Management Center, equipping managers to measure the success of individual reps and teams and make better business decisions.

How it works:

Step 1: Through a customized FirmASSist® Web portal, the end user submits a support request that appears in your FirmASSist® Web-support queue. When the end user’s query appears in the queue, the FirmASSist® thin-client is downloaded to the end user’s device with the end user’s permission.

Step 2: Your representative can immediately diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve the incident using a variety of incident-resolution tools.

Step 3: At the end of the session, the end user immediately evaluates the support experience, enabling your organization to capture session metrics and maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction and loyalty.