Law Firm Website Evaluations
Want a second opinion on your law firm’s website? Lawdata can help.

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or want some last minute advice prior to launch, we can help fine tune your offering. Lawdata will review your website mock-up or development plan in detail and deliver a custom report offering practical suggestions.

Our assessment includes:

  Audience targets: current and prospective clients
  Content development strategy
  Design standards and usability
  Search Engine Optimization
  Areas hidden to Search Engine indexing
  Graphic quality and design considerations
  Content clarity and writing style
  Old site to new site transition plan: eg. content forwarding, redirects
  Website usage and metrics
  Launch strategy

Lawdata doesn’t need to be your website developer to offer a ‘second set of eyes’ or advise on your firm’s overall web strategy.

If you think we can help, don’t hesitate to contact us.